The Azeri language is a widely spoken Turkic language primarily used in Azerbaijan and Iran. It holds the status of being the official language of Azerbaijan and has a significant number of speakers in neighboring countries and communities worldwide.

Azeri is classified as a Turkic language, belonging to the Oghuz branch of the Turkic language family. It shares similarities and connections with other Turkic languages, such as Turkish and Turkmen. Azeri has its own unique set of phonetics, phonology, morphology, and syntax, which distinguishes it from other languages.

The study of the Azeri language is an growing part of the SAVANT project as we aim to expand psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic research to previously understudied languages from diverse language families. By developing and implementing a single-word reading experiment, we will investigate complex word processing in Azeri. By studying Azeri and its unique characteristics, we gain valuable insights into the diverse linguistic landscape of the Turkic language family.