Summer School Ljubljana

Our Summer School Program offered an exciting opportunity for high school and undergraduate students to delve into the fascinating field of neurolinguistics. Through a series of interactive sessions, participants explored the connection between language and the brain, investigated different branches of linguistics, and gained hands-on experience with EEG technology.

To ensure a diverse and engaging learning environment, our program collaborated with schools that had students from various linguistic backgrounds. We established partnerships with the British International School of Ljubljana, the International School Ljubljana, and the European School of Ljubljana. For the summer session, we selected around 15-20 final year students from the European School of Ljubljana, who possessed a mix of backgrounds and native languages, all with classes taught in English.

Additionally, three undergraduate students were extensively trained in the operation of EEG machines. These students played a pivotal role in the successful implementation of our summer school program.

Session 1: Intro to Neurolinguistics

In the introductory session, students received a comprehensive overview of neurolinguistics. They learned about the relationship between language and the brain, explored various branches of linguistics, and discovered the methods used to investigate language in the brain. Additionally, students were introduced to the study of morphology in language.

Session 2: Hands-on session with EEG

During this session, students had a unique opportunity to experience EEG technology firsthand. They witnessed one of our assistants performing SAVANT-like experiments, and using EEG software, they observed the assistant’s brain waves in real-time. Furthermore, students had the chance to become actively involved as volunteers, gaining practical experience with EEG technology.

We thank all the participants, schools, and volunteers who made our Summer School Program a memorable and enriching experience. Stay tuned for future updates and information about upcoming programs on our website.